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2nd CASIC Annual Regional Workshop on Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification

September 28, 2021

In recent years, commercial practices have been promoted in the area of conservation agriculture. The Cambodia Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification Consortium (CASIC) aims to further augment the current Conservation Agriculture/Sustainable Intensification (CA/SI) and agroecology by bringing various regional stakeholders together to better understand how to make CA/SI more accessible to farmers through various (market) actors offering the services on a commercial/sustainable basis.

This workshop will offer you an insight on country status, policies and progress toward CA/SI and agroecology. This workshop will also address technical challenges related to CA/SI broad-scale adoption, examine the management of CA/SI system complexities, and finally understand dissemination processes of CA/SI and agroecology technologies and practices. Participants will also get a glimpse of CA/SI and agroecology prospects from the regional stakeholders and development partners.

If you are interested in this event, please register through: https://forms.gle/47vPWGEYBCPsyk7R7