Since 2004, the Department of Agricultural Land Resources Management (DALRM) with the support from CIRAD have been working on innovative cropping systems and practices based on the principles of Conservation Agriculture (CA). These practices have been designed and tested in different agroecosystems of Cambodia. Results from these scientific studies showed that Conservation Agriculture Production Systems (CAPS) improved soil fertility, reduce labor, conserved water and increased yield and income for smallholder farmers

Farmer Testimony

Ky plants sunhemp as a cover crop on his farm after harvesting to protect his land. He also supplies the cover crop seeds for SmartAgro as an additional source of income. “While the [sunhemp] stem and root will become residues to cover my land, I can sell the seeds for extra profit,” said Chhroeung Ky, a Conservation Agriculture farmer.

Regional Workshop

Cambodia Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification Consortium (CASIC) held its 2nd Annual Regional Workshop with the focus on development of and transition towards Conservation Agriculture & Sustainable Agriculture (CA/SI) and Agroecology (AE) in the region. The virtual workshop was attended about 150 participants from 28 countries.

Who we are

Cambodia Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification Consortium (CASIC) is a national mechanism established to collaborate and coordinate with a network of organizations that are implementing activities related to Conservation Agriculture (CA) in Cambodia such as marketing, research, policy and service delivery etc. by promoting CA practices, creating demand for CA machinery and implements, increase the diversification of crops, the accessibility of cover crops, and the participation of the private sector to meet the needs. 

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