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Transforming Agriculture in Tboung Khmum with Cover Crop Implementation

June 29, 2023
October 18, 2023

Mr. You Tainghy, the deputy director of the provincial Department of Agriculture, forestry, and Fisheries in Tboung Khmum, has been actively promoting the implementation of cover crops in the region. His commitment to this technique stems from his knowledge of its benefits, including soil moisture retention, biomass generation, and the transformation of biomass into humus compost, which enhances soil fertility and crop production. In 2022, after Mr. You's promotion, three cassava farmers and two vegetable farmers became interested in cover crops and began implementing them. The results have been remarkable, with the technique showing promising outcomes.

This year, two farmers are even experimenting with a new planting method, intercropping cover crops between cassava rows. Mr. You's dedication to promoting cover crops is driven by his experiences attending workshops, training sessions, and field visits in Preah Vihear and Battambang, where he witnessed the positive impact on soil quality and crop productivity. The initial experiments conducted on cassava fields in Tboung Khmum, known for their poor soil quality, yielded encouraging results. In 2022,without the use of additional fertilizers, farmers witnessed an increase in yield from 18 tons/ha to 20 tons/ha. The farmers remain committed to practicing this technique in 2023. Currently, the implementation of cover crops is focused on three districts: Dambae and Punhea Kreng for cassava, and Tboung Khmum for vegetables.

Looking ahead, Mr. You plans to deepen his knowledge of cover crop techniques for cassava and extend his promotion efforts to other provinces and universities. He envisions hosting field visits and internships for students to learn and experiment with cover crops, aiming to expand the adoption of this beneficial practice in the future.